On June 15, 2021 an online workshop: “International Criminalistic Association in the Media” was held, organized by the International Criminalistic Association (ICA).

During the workshop, presenters Ines Pašović, founder and digital marketing expert of one of the leading companies for digital marketing in Bosnia and Herzegovina “VISION AGENCY” from Sarajevo and Olivije Zimonja, president of the International Criminalistic Association presented a new website of the ICA and they was analized the current position of the ICA in the digital environment. The presenters gave concrete advices on how to promote criminalistic and scientific and professional work, ideas and goals in the digital environment. They also gave advice on how to promote ICA in the digital environment and connect with the target audience and emphasized the importance of digital marketing for the development and improvement of scientific and professional work in the field of criminalistic.

All members of the International Criminalistic Association as well as other interested persons are invited to get involved in the work of the ICA and to use the website of the association to publish their work through the category of COLUMN. It was also emphasized that the ICA is open for cooperation and mutual support and promotion with all persons, institutions and organizations dealing with criminalistic from a scientific and professional aspect.