dr. sc. Josip Pavliček

dr. sc. Josip Pavliček

The International Criminalistic Association was founded with the aim of advancing criminalistic as a profession and as a scientific discipline. By gathering criminalistics, but also other experts, we wanted to contribute to the exchange of knowledge and experiences that will be the basis for modernizing the existing and developing a new criminalistic methodology.

In addition to improving the research methodology of criminalistic, as an important task of the Association we have set the strengthening of methods for the prevention of crime and other forms of deviant behavior. It is the knowledge about the characteristics of the commission of criminal offenses, such as the manner of commission, the means used during their commission or the preparatory actions, which we obtain through criminal investigation, that is the mainstay in planning preventive activities and programs.

Although criminalistic is sometimes perceived as an exclusive tool of state bodies, we wanted to make part of its methodology accessible to those dealing with private protection of persons or property, security in the local community or security of business processes in companies. In that way, the potentials of the society in the fight against crime are additionally strengthened.

We have achieved most of the initially set goals in this eight-year period thanks to the dedication of the members of the Association. It is the members of the Association who are its main strength. Their individual contribution, identification with the goals and activities of the Association are a guarantee of progress and further development.

In the end, we are happy with the fact that the Association continues to live and develop with new strength and momentum, just as the founders Lana Milivojević, Siniša Patačko, Mirjana Kondor Langer, Kristina Jurković and Josip Pavliček thought on December 12, 2012.


Zagreb, 12 december 2020