Olivije Zimonja

mr. sc. Olivije Zimonja

The International Criminalistic Association is a voluntary association, which, in accordance with defined goals, operates in the field of education, science and research. An association of this type was founded with the noble goal of helping all its members, without exception, the young generations and the society in general.

The founder of the association, also its first president, had a vision that by promoting and improving scientific and research work in the field of criminalistic, both theoretical and applied, gathering criminalistics scientists at the international level and exchanging good practice and experience in this field, much can be achieved modernization of the existing and development of a new criminalistic methodology.

I can rightly point out that such critical thinking, this primary vision is the foundation of the association even today, and a confirmation of the tradition and quality of joint work and cooperation that the association achieves.

In order to constitute and strengthen criminalistic science and practice in today’s understanding of the fight against crime, the association has another important task and that is to strengthen methods for crime prevention by monitoring modern trends in considering the etiology of crime and proactive criminal interventions.

Modern criminalistic application models with elements of an active research approach are becoming an indispensable part of the modern concept of the social reaction to crime. In order to improve the mentioned concept, I think it is very important to make part of the criminalistic methodology accessible to other entities such as those dealing with private protection, security in the local community or in business processes of companies, which would further strengthen the social response to crime.

According to its activities, the International Criminalistic Association is recognized as a representative and independent center that brings together scientists and experts from the country and the region and beyond, and members of the association are criminalistic scientists, representatives of the scientific community, educational institutions, police, judiciary and respected experts from other related disciplines and the private sector.

One of the most significant contributions to the development of criminalistic in theory and practice is the journal “Criminalistic Theory and Practice”, published by the International Criminalistic Association, which combines criminalistic knowledge and through scientific, professional and practical work, criminalistic strengthens criminalistic theory and practice.

In addition to all the above, I emphasize the fact that the International Criminalistic Association is always open and ready for cooperation, and that we are willing to achieve the set goals, ready to cooperate with other non-governmental and international organizations and state institutions.




President of the International Criminalistic Association

mr. sc. Olivije Zimonja