On September 01, 2021, at the International PEN-MP Conference held in Ljubljana, members of ICA – dr. sc. Josip Pavliček and Andra Žic bacc. crim. held a presentation named “The Role of Personal Sources of Information in Clarification of High-Risk Disappearances of Persons”.

In addition to the general importance of personal sources of information, the authors presented some of the results of research conducted on cases of murders of missing persons in the Republic of Croatia, which confirms the indispensable role and importance of personal sources. Based on the results obtained at the conference a new rule in conducting urgent police actions was presented. The purpose of that rule, which is called The Rule of Circle of Life and Death, is primary to improve the process of collecting initial information related to the disappearance and missing person from the persons closest to the missing person. The need to improve the quality of investigative interviews and gathering information from personal sources, as well as other police actions in disappearances investigations, was pointed out by the authors.