Welcome to the official website of the International Criminalistic Association Zagreb.

The International Criminalistic Association was founded in 2013 in Zagreb. According to the decision to establish, the International Criminalistic Association is a voluntary, scientific research association founded with the aim – to improve criminalistic as a scientific discipline and as a profession. From then until today, the association exists under the same name.

The main goals of the association, determined at the beginning of its establishment, are related to gathering and organizing criminalists and experts from related scientific fields, who through exchange of knowledge, experiences and good practice provide further training in the criminalistic profession, continuous introduction to new theoretical opinions in criminalistic development of criminalistic thought and modernization of the existing and development of a new criminalistic methodology.

All criminalists as well as experts from related scientific disciplines can become members of this association voluntarily and with free access, because the common interest of all members is to improve criminalistic as a profession and as a scientific discipline.

On this page, through a short guide, you can find out basic information about the association, read the greetings of the president and founders of the association, find out who the team members are in charge of managing the association, and achieve the vision and mission of the association; review published biographies of members of the association, find out how to become a member of the association; review the publications published by the association, be up to date with invitations to conferences and get information about the conferences held, get information about the scientific research projects implemented by the association, and review the published so far journals “Criminalistic Theory and Practice”; our partners; review or write an article, an explicit view or opinion, a summary of work in the field of criminalistic, and other related scientific disciplines in a section entitled column; get information about contact information and learn about privacy policy and rules on the use of cookies.

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