International Criminalistic Association was founded with the aim of improving criminalistics as a profession as well as a scientific discipline. By gathering the criminalists and other experts, we want to contribute to the exchange of knowledge and experiences that will be the foundation for the modernization of existing and development of new criminalistics methodology.

In addition to improvement of the criminalistics research methodology, important task of our Association will be to strength the methods of prevention of the crime and other forms of deviant behaviour. Knowledge about the specific characteristics of committing criminal acts, such as ways of their committing, means used during committing or used in preparatory actions before committing the crimes, which all are found during conducting criminal investigation, should be the mainstay in planning prevention activities and programs.

Although criminalistics is sometimes perceived as an exclusive tool of government bodies, it will be important that the part of its methodology is made accessible to those who are engaged in the protection of private persons or property, safety in the local community or the security of business processes in companies. This will continue to strength the global society potential in combat against crime.

In achieving our objectives we are ready to cooperate with other non-governmental and international organizations, government bodies and we hope that our web site will also contribute to achieving such successful cooperation.  

Josip Pavliček PhD

President of the International Criminalistic Association